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    Welcome to the Support section of Micronet. It is important to understand that Support is a two way communication process and as a customer you are entitled to a great customer support experience for a great product. It is important to understand these guidelines for requesting support so that we can provide you with the great experience you wish for.

    Important points

    1. Respect support staff : Even though you have purchased our product and are entitled for support, this in no way means that you can disrespect support staff. Disrespecting a support staff is a sureshot way to get yourself banned from the support.
    2. Support Holidays : Support is off on Sunday’s and dates specified. Yes we do check for urgent cases even on sundays but regular support is off

    Tips on getting good support

    1. Share as much details as possible : Try to share as much details as possible. Try providing steps to replicate the issue, so that we can replicate and help you faster. 
    2. Share Screenshots : An image is worth a thousand words is undoubtably true for support. Please share images, as many as possible. In some cases videos also help.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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