Project Management

Micronet comes with a comprehensive projects management system. This versatile system supports over 200 use cases spanning from industries like Construction, Education, Law and Software engineering. Some of the salient features present in the platform.

Task Management

Task management is the process of planning, organizing, and executing tasks and activities to achieve specific goals or objectives within a given time frame. It involves managing resources, prioritizing tasks, and monitoring progress to ensure timely completion of tasks.

Project Planning

Project planning in a project management software helps in defining project goals, tasks, timelines, resources, and dependencies. It provides a roadmap for the project, helps in tracking progress, identifying potential roadblocks, and allows for effective communication and collaboration among team members.

Plan your project using interactive Gantt Charts.

Generate a project plan Charts

Workflow Diagrams

Discussion Forums


Calendars play a crucial role in project management by providing a visual representation of tasks, deadlines, and milestones. They help in scheduling tasks, managing resources, and tracking progress against timeframes, allowing teams to stay on track and meet project deadlines.

Know which tasks to do and when.

Set Recurring Tasks

Set Task start dates

Set Tasks Due date

Workflow & Automations

Workflow and automations in project management are essential as they help streamline repetitive tasks, reduce errors, and save time. They increase efficiency, allow for consistent processes, and enable better collaboration among team members, leading to improved project outcomes.

Make it easy for your team to focus on tasks currently at hand. Define each stage of work to see what’s important and where things are getting stuck.

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