Project Management​

An easy to use, modern product and project management system which is both flexible and customisable. Make it easy for your team to focus on tasks currently at hand.​

Task Management​

KanBan, Lists, Gantt charts​

Resource Management​

Types, Teams & allocation​

Project Planning​

Milestones & Dependencies


Estimates & actual time spent​

Workload planning​

Capacity & Load planning​

Expense Tracking​

Budgets, Expenses & Invoicing​

Collaboration Tools​

Get every member of your team on board. No communication gaps.​

Live Chat​

Direct, Team, Group chats​

File Sharing​

Local Drive, GDrive, Dropbox​

Video Conferencing​

Zoom, Jitsi, BBB, LS ​

Calendar Events​

Calendars, Invites, Sync​


Forums, Topics, Replies​

Message & Notifications​

Emails, SMS, WhatsApp

Workflow & Automations​

Automate workflows and save time.

Project Automations​

Inbuilt Board, Card level ​

Custom Workflows​

Across component flows​


Schedule workflow execution​


Track workflows & get notified​

External Connections​

Perform external flows​


Incoming workflow execution​

User Portals

Create unlimited portals for your users & clients.​

User Dashboards​

Customised User Dashboards ​

User Menus

Customisable User Menus


Custom components visibility​ on Member type

Access Restrictions

Restrict access levels​ based on Capability

Types & Teams

Categorise users into unlimited member types​ & teams

User Profiles

Custom profiles, custom profile fields, registration fields

Learning Management

Comprehensive Skill & Learning management system

Courses & Learning Paths​

Create unlimited Courses & Learning paths

Quizzes & Assignments

Questions bank, evaluations​

Corporate Management​

Statistics, Manager access​


Statistics, Manager access​


Reward users & engage​

Skill Development

Manage student skills & reports​

Reports & Tracking​

Generate and automate report generation​

Activity tracking​

Track all activity in platform​

Reports Generator

Reports Generator​

Schedule reports​

Schedule & email reports​

Member reports

Member level reports

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