Task/Card settings

As discussed in article ” how to create a task”, further more you can add card settings 



Label – You can add task labels to the card for easy identification or segregation purposes.


Checklist –  You can add a checklist in a task/card as shown below.

Multiple checklists can be added and under a checklist you can add subtasks.


Here in this example, “Testing design issues” is my checklist name and i have added 3 subtasks which determines my checklist completion.

I have checked on one task out of total three subtasks so my completion percentage is 33%.


Showing example of multiple checklists below:


Due date : It helps to set the due date of the task.


Move card : You can move card between tasks lists from here and select the position as well.


Complete : Sets the card to complete from here.

Milestone : Sets this particular card as a milestone which is visible in the Gantt Charts.

Change status : Status of the card/task can be changed from here to live/draft/ overdue etc etc depending on the options given.

Archive : This option deletes the card

Watch :  You can add yourself into the watching list and follow all the progress and activity of the card. All notification will be sent to you if you are in watchers list.


Copy Link : Lets you share the card/task link with others outside the scope.


attachments : Adds any attachment in the card/task.

activity : You cam see all the activity in the card/task from here.

watchers : All the watchers of this particular card.

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