How to create a project

In this article we will learn about how to create a project in Micronet / Vibe Projects.

Requirements : You must have pre-installed and setup the Micronet or Vibe Projects in your site. With Projects in Profile menu.

Steps :

  1. Go to projects panel.
  2. To create a new project click on “New Project”
  3. You can search an existing project in the. “Search panel”

Additional Notes : If you have do not see a new project button 


4. You will see the below screen when you click on “New Project”

5. Here you need to give the project details 

   Project image : Sets an image for the project 

   Project Title : Sets a Title or Name of the project

   Project Status : Sets the status to the project (Live/overdue/archive) etc.

   Project Category : You can select from the existing category or add a new category of the project here.

   Detailed description of the project : For any project description

   Project start date : Sets the start date for the project

   Project end date : Sets an end date for the project

   Project progress :  Select from the drop down shown below


   Do you need Milestones : You need to enable the miletrones in the project if you need it in your project

   Do you need tasks : Enables/disables the task in the project

   Default Tasks View : Select from the dropdown (Kanban/Timeline/Lists)

   Discussion Forums : If you need forums for your project, enable/disable via this option

   Custom fields : You can add custom fields you need for the project. Here we have added two custom fields (Budget/ Priority)

   Budget Estimate



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